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The First Chapter of the Automatic Customer Generator through the web to adopt a completely different vision of your activity and the possibilities that exist online to be able to find customers
The 7 Mailing List Mistakes Report which outlines the most common mistakes freelance professionals make with their mailing list and how to make it the most effective tool to stop wondering how to find clients and prospects online.
The “Finding Your Niche in 10 Steps” booklet to help you identify an area to specialize in at the intersection between your skills, your passion and an in-demand audience.
Your FCC Plan (for a constant flow of customers) – 15 minutes of audio to identify the 4 elements to put in place to attract prospects and customers on a regular and constant basis.
The Com’Coach newsletter sent irregularly to send you essential information to help you develop your business and find customers.
A 20-minute video that clearly and simply answers the question “Where and how to find clients?” »
And a lot of other essential information to help you have customers without it being a permanent concern…

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