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“Coaches, Independent Consultants, Alternative Medicine Therapists, Trainers and Speakers

Who else wants to use the secrets of automatic lead generator to have pre-qualified prospects come knocking on their door, fill their appointment book without having to “hunt” for clients and have more free time while generating passive income and earning more?”

“If you want to spread your expertise by getting motivated clients to line up outside your door and make more money, this is the most important message you’ll read in your entire freelance career.”


Cedric Copy

Consultant Com’Coach


Dear Freelancers and Personal Development Professionals,

Whether you are an independent consultant, coach, alternative medicine therapist, speaker or trainer, …

Have you already :

Struggled at networking events to “hunt” for clients and come home empty-handed at night wondering if there are other ways to find clients and make a comfortable living from your business?
Considered taking a food job so you can keep doing what you love and be able to rely on some fixed income?
Thrilled wondering how you were going to be able to pay your bills at the end of the month?
Spent hours viewing a full appointment book with nothing tangible happening?
Questioned your abilities and resources to run your business and generate a sufficiently stable and comfortable income to have peace of mind financially?
Subi nervously and financially the cost of repeated delays and cancellations of customers who do not realize how much your help benefits them?
Giving away your time and energy at the start of a relationship with a prospect only to see them walk away without committing?
Wanted to find a way to bring customers straight to you without having to run around to get them to hire you?

Wanted to give up your business because you find it hard to have to go out of your way to find clients?

Under pressure from your loved ones who question your approach and put pressure on you to make sure you have a stable and regular income to take home?

Felt the weight of having completed expensive training to be able to practice and then realize that you were not given any concrete tools to promote your activity?

Challenged the traditional model of working with one person at a time, telling yourself that you would like to reach a wider audience, help more people and have more financial stability without knowing what else to do?

Heard that it takes 5 years to have a viable clientele as a freelancer and met some who even after 10 years still hope to see things suddenly change for the better?

If you answered ”

Yes !

” to one or more of these questions then I want to tell you that I completely understand your situation and I want to share my story with you: When I started to train myself in coaching, I heard from coaches who were just starting and came back for revisions. I listened attentively to their vision of things and their ways of proceeding to find customers… They seemed very pessimistic for people who had followed this training and demonstrated the qualities expected of a professional coach.

When I started automatically generate leads, I quickly realized that managing appointments and travel, managing communication between sessions,

finding clients and dealing with the rejection and disappointment of appointments not canceled in advance took a lot of energy and caused a lot of stress. I also contacted my friends and family to offer to coach them and sometimes put myself in difficult situations. I clumsily damaged some of my relationships by offering my coaching support even with the best of intentions. I made the rounds of networking events and often found myself jostling to be able to have a discussion with potential clients without much result. The worst being that in the end I had no pleasure in being there. All of this leaving little room for what really appealed to me and led me to want to become a coach:

Facilitate the evolution of people wishing to change their situation using the coaching and therapy tools acquired during my trainings

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