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Find customers through your automatic linkedin lead generation

Let’s talk seriously. Have you read my report on the 7 Mistakes Most Freelancers Make With Their Newsletter?

If you haven’t done so yet, you can access it by registering for free on this page.

As you have read in this report, you have been able to realize what not to do when using a mailing list.

Stopping using a strategy that isn’t working is the first step to success.

Better not to use a mailing list if you are spending your time and energy writing it and you are not getting any benefit from it.

Using your mailing list effectively and in a targeted way means first of all creating a community around your activity.

It is bringing together a pool of prospects and customers who are interested in what you offer because your services and products meet one or more of their needs or desires.

This allows you to have a reference group that you can ask questions to find out what they need to keep moving forward with you.

This gives you ideas to offer new services and linkedin automatically generate leads for which there is already an audience in demand.

Without a well-used mailing list, you are not directly connected to what the audience you are addressing wants.

You are then forced to either take a guess and present what you have to offer in a light that “might”
engage your target audience.


To imitate what your competitors are doing, who have taken the time to recognize the demand.

In both cases you make the task more complex than necessary.

A quick reminder of what a mailing list is (also called a distribution list or newsletter)

It is a system of sending bulk emails that allows you to notify several people who have given you their email so that you can communicate with them.

It is an extremely useful tool for keeping a group of people informed of the latest news related to your business.

Of course, you need to keep your list members interested by giving them more information about what made them want to subscribe to your newsletter in the first place.

How to maintain this automated linkedin lead generation?

Simply give them valuable information that improves their situation, informs them, teaches them what you know.
Offer special perks for those who take your survey.
Organize a contest to win one of your services for free.
Give them privileged access to the products and services you want to test before making them available to the general public.
Know how to add humor and your personality to the messages you send.

Address your list members personally and communicate often enough for them to consider you
almost like a friend who writes to them regularly.

Then continue to grow your mailing list and continue to nurture the relationship. Your newsletter members should
know that they can trust you.

A list WITHOUT a relationship of trust with the members who belong to it is useless

I explain all the basics of the art of having an effective newsletter in my report of the 7 Mailing list errors. You can access and read it in a few minutes by clicking on the link below and registering for FREE:

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You will also have access to other essential information to help grow your online business and promote yourself as an linkedin lead generation automation.

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